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Me, at 8:00 AM

Me, at 8:00 AM

At 8:00 AM, I’m gripping the wheel with one hand, holding the top of my coffee with the other; I’m weaving through morning traffic. 

Its not that I’m driving to fast but there are too many potholes for the posted speed limit, but I can’t slow down. 

My heart races in a panic as I tap the brakes coming up on a drive who clearly can not read the speed limit.  Maybe it is a good thing that he is making me slow down but as I pass him, I see he is chatting on his cell.  I hate him for that.  I hate that he is talking on his phone and not driving.

He just sees an angry mini van mom driving.  That is not me though.  The old me dies a little every time I turn the key to that – thing.  In my mind, I’m driving something small, sleek; foreign.

My drive use to be shorter, less defensive, less angry but now it’s a race.  A race to be on time, a race to get ahead of the other guy, a race to make it to the next red light, a race that is daily.  At 8:00 AM.  

This week we asked you to give us 8:00 -AM or PM, fiction or creative non-fiction- but 8:00. In 200 words or less.

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