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Top 10 Shows That Should Be Prime Time... Again

I hate watching TV these days... no matter what new show I get addicted to on the "regular" channels, the show gets canceled.  Canceled!  Frustrating is an understatement.  I want, no I need, closure.  sigh.

It started with Lucky.  I think it was one of the first original FX shows and it starred John Corbin.  Lucky was about a gambler in Vegas and it was funny, it was dark and it starred John Corbin.  Boy, is that man beautiful.

When Lucky was cancelled, after the first season, disappointment in traditional network TV soon followed.  I am no longer watching TV shows unless they make to at least the middle of the second season... I just can't take the disappointment any more *sniff, sniff*

Taking the lead from Mama Kat's - pretty much world famous - Writer's Workshop, I have compiled my list of TV shows that I would like to return.  They are in no particular order because I feel that they should all come back. Oddly enough, they are all dark comedies... Hmmm.  I guess you can psycho analyze me about the choice of TV shows I want to come back, but I hope you don't.  Don't judge me. ;)

Top 10 TV Shows That Should Be Prime Time... Again

Keen Eddie - The Complete Series
Keen Eddie

Better Off Ted: Season One
Better Off Ted

Firefly - The Complete Series

My Name is Earl - Season One
My Name is Earl

Huff - The First Eight Episodes

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - The Complete Series
Studio 60

Night Court: The Complete First Season
Night Court

Pushing Daisies: The Complete First Season
Pushing Daisies 

Eli Stone: The Complete First Season 
Eli Stone

Dead Like Me: The Complete Collection
Dead Like Me

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