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Oh Boy, Does My Kid Have Style! #JCPBack2School

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To say my kindergartner, opps...  I mean, soon to be first grader (not, yet ready to call him a first grader, yet) has his own sense of style would be a mistake!  He can be spot on with his choice of shirt and pants; even sock choice but other days...  You can tell he is my kid.

My husband is the one in the family with any sense of style.  What can I say, I went to Catholic school growing up and we had uniforms.  By the time I got to pick clothes, for myself, I was in high school and flannel shirts and college sweatshirts where fine for me.  This also meant I had no idea what looked good on me or anyone else for that matter.

Fast forward to having kids and thankfully we had a boy.  Can't go wrong with little boys!  On top of that, the Husband would often pick out clothes that he liked - dad and son often dressed a like.  And, I don't mean a little a like, but a lot a like and not always on purpose!  There where days that I would dress Goofy, come out his room and see Daddy wearing something similar, very similar.  Goofy was the Husband's real life, honest to goodness mini-me!  It was way beyond cute.  It is where he gets part of his style from, where the other half came from...  a combination of his own creativeness and my let him wear what he wants to attitude.

My son certainly is unique and that is expressed in his actions and his clothes but he can also be "shy" and somewhat reserved.  Most of the time he wears what we give him - t-shirt and shorts or jeans.  When he picks out his  clothes, like I said, spot on with a favorite t-shirt like wall-e or other days when he is wearing his fireman rain boots with shorts and a fake mustache.  Occasionally, it will be a blanket wrapped around himself like a toga but thankfully those days are spent in doors.

I never know who I am going to from minute to minute but I know he will be at least cute.  He also knows that he is cute and plays that up when we take pictures.  It really helps having a couple photographers in the family (one professional no less).

As far the baby goes...  I all ready feel like she knows what she likes and we are going to be in so much trouble!

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