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Barefoot, Hormonal & Hungry

When the Husband cooks for special occasions, he starts early in the morning, cooks through breakfast and won't eat till lunch. Don't get me wrong - brilliant cook and I love that he wants to make holiday meals but under the best circumstances, this drives me nuts; add being pregnant? Ha!

When it comes to food, he is like a camel - eats one meal and is good. He can even hold off till the big meal. He can only go so far though and then he gets super grouchy, but this story is about me being hormonal (and hungry and pregnant) and not about the evil monster that comes out when he is hungry.

I have absolutely no idea why he was cooking. No idea what holiday it could have been and certainly no idea who was coming to our house that day. What I do remember is waking up after he had already started cooking and I was hungry.

I sat in the living room, on the couch; staring at the television.

When he cooks, he takes up the whole kitchen, every possible surface and every [insert cooking utensil, appliance and pot here]. It is ridiculous. Did I mention I was hungry? and pregnant? and I had not eaten since the night before?


Every time I tried to make something to eat or grab something from the fridge he would say, “Dinner will be ready soon!” It. Was. 8:30 AM! Dinner by the way is actually lunch in this story but… I digress.

When I finally got into the kitchen and started to make some eggs he came and had the nerve to tell me, “We will be eating in two hours. Can't you wait?”

Uh, no

I threw the pan down and started to cry. And not just crying but that “irrational, can’t catch my breath crying because I know it is irrational and yet I am still crying any way” crying.

I'm sniff hungry sniff and sniff can't sniff wait sniff till sniff 1:00 sniff.

I was so mad and hungry and I'm crying over being hungry!

I went in the bathroom to cry, alone... not that it would matter because he bowed his head and went into the bedroom. No hug, no what's wrong, nothing - he could not understand why I was crying or why I could not wait two more hours to eat. duh... Hunger!

I locked myself in the bathroom and took a long, hot shower.

Not sure what happen after I locked myself in the bathroom but when I came out...

eggs, bacon and toast.

Believe me when I say - I wish could remember this story each and every time he is hungry and grouchy...

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