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Who to Hang With... My version of the Stylish Blogger

Over the last week I have been very honored to be awarded a Stylish Blogger award by not one but two wonderful bloggers: Little Wonders, Big Dreams and Mommy Memoirs (don't you just love the names!). Thank you ladies, it really means the world to me!

They have actually inspired me to do my own twist on the award and since I co-host a hop I figured this "award" should go to someone on the hop; because they inspired me to give my own award - you guys get one, too. I also talk about myself a lot in my blog, so seven more things about myself seems just slightly more conceited then creating my own award.  Not that I don't enjoy reading other's but I will probably run out topics to blog about if I followed the rules of the Stylish Blogger. Instead, I am sharing why I like the bloggers I follow from the Tailspin Hop. 

With out delay - My Top 5 for March and why these are my top 5 (well, seven this month) in no particular order...

A well laid out blog that is both funny and interesting... and, cool button!

My Retro Kitchen
Two words: Food Porn. She has the best pictures (and recipes). When I need to check out what I should not be eating and how to make it... My Retro Kitchen is where I go, now.

Besides being my co-host she is also my Yoda of the blogging world and has pushed guided me to do things as a blogger I never knew I would... and we will leave it at that. :)

The Spaghetti Westerner
How do you not love someone who has a sleep crawling baby and hides in the bathroom with her laptop? She also has a great series that I hope she keeps up Mommy fail very funny!

The Turnip Farmer
Brilliant sense of humor and creative use of visual aids. My favorite is Raving Momma Manic Mash-Up (linky hint, hint)

Little Wonders, Big Dream
Love a blogger that quotes Winnie the Pooh!

Pregnant and in love blogging about her journey into motherhood.

Want to be join the Tailspin Hop and maybe win a coveted 'Who to Hang With' Award...?  Check out the Spin Cycle tab above or click here.

note: This award was given to the above mentioned bloggers all in good fun and... totally meaningless, unless of course you are one who received my award and then it is priceless. I am sure all winners will want to grab the button so go for it!  You do not have to pass this to anyone.  And for those who want to check out all of March's links... They are worth it!  Each.  And.  Every.  One.

iNeedaPlaydate Who to Hang with Award

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