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Normal, What Does it Look Like?

Normal in my house looks like a snapshot of how I grew up... dad, mom, son and daughter.  

You may ask...?  Why a snapshot?  Well, my friends, it all depends when you looked in on us...  Technically, I am not the oldest, but the fourth child in my family.  My dad was married before and had three children.  With my mom he had two more, my brother and I.  So if some one was to take a snapshot of our family from when we were young you would see my dad, my mom, my brother and me.

My normal growing up was also... dad, mom, sister, sister, brother, me, brother + 7 nieces and nephews.

All though my mom's parents did not live with us... we were over there enough to feel like it was an extension of our house.  My father's parents had died long before I was even thought of and his children did not really exist for me until much later in my life.  Now, I am probably closer to them then I am the people I spent countless holidays, birthdays and other special occasions with because, well, I don't know the answer to that but we can just say it is probably better that way.

Normal changed when I was in high school, my dad died. Then it was mom, daughter and son.  This is when I think I started gravitating towards my "dad's kids" because it made me feel more connected to him

My normal now... My family - my son, my daughter and my husband.  And we visit grandma as much as we can.

We are a working family.

We are a typical, suburban family.

We are a mixed family.

We are a family that laughs a lot.

We are not a loud family but the kids always seem to be having a good time.

We are a loving family.

We are a busy family.

That is what normal looks like in our house but I do not think we are normal.  We are lucky.  We are very blessed.  We have our issues and our struggles but we have each other and that is all we need, well, that and some really close, amazing friends who have become our family.

So... What makes your home "normal"? 

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