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Boring vs Boring

This has been a strange week.  It started off pretty normal.  Got up, took showers, drank coffee, feed the kids, washed the kids, made sure they get off to school and the sitters, worked, drank more coffee and somewhere in there took care of the Husband (ha!), the house (ha, ha!) and came up with something witty to write.  Repeated the next day and the next day... pretty standard.

All was actually going along smoothly... Goofy was complaining about a sore throat and a headache but we chalked it up to not wanting to go to school... even after the Husband picked him up from school early on Monday morning because he said he was not feeling well.  He was fine by the afternoon and was dropped off to my office, to stay on the safe side, so he won't infect the kids at after care (the Husband goes to work in the afternoon).

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon and the Husband calls - He has both kids at the pediatricians office!?!  I leave work early and since Goofy was technically sent home from school with a fever, he could not return till Monday and providing said fever broke.  Talked to boss man and he let me have Friday and I could go home to help take care of my babies (when they are sick they are my babies).

Unbenounced to me, the Husband made an appointment with the pediatrician because he thought Jamba Mama had an ear infection.  The only appointment he could get was for 3:00 pm.  School ends at 3:05 - the Husband called the school so he could get Goofy early and when he got him...  he was waiting in the clinic because he has a fever.  I digress...

When I started writing this (Saturday evening and the first time I had been online in like 3 days!?!) Jamba Mama was sitting at my feet playing with a v-tech toy while Goofy watched Big Time Rush for the umpteenth time... you may know the episode where the hotel is haunted and Gustaf spends the weekend... sigh, if they were not so damn cute I would not watch it, too... anyway - both kids feeling better.  Seasonal allergies for both, bebe is teething.  I got to thinking about something a friend said about my blog - I bet it is boring.

This was in no way an insult on my writing (at least it better not be as they never read it) as it was an observation that it is a 'mommy blog' and they don't have kids.  I can understand this, heck, even my best friend will only read entries that have nothing to do with breastfeeding because it makes him uncomfortable - why I will never know, but any mention of the tits and he moves on... I don't think he even tries to read this anymore...

Boring.  Yeah, boring to anyone but me (and you if you are still reading) so I wondered what I would be writing about if this was 10 years ago.  Would it be boring?

Ten Years Ago...

I was working as an office admin and a server at Joe's Crab Shack in the Flats.  And, yes, I danced to every song.  Every.  Freakin.  Song.  It was fun.  I would continue to work there until it closed two days before Thanksgiving 2003.  Side note: That building is now gone along with the entire end of Old River Road to make room for a major project that is currently stalled.
photo credit: Kristin Cassidy
I was still managing at Club 1148 and the all male revue that use to be at Club 1148 even after it was moved next to Panini's after Club 1148 closed.  I was also working at PowerPlay Gameroom, in the Flats, at the Powerhouse but on a part time basis.  I had been working for or at the Nautica Complex since I was 19 and I will just leave it at that and say it was a long time... I started in the office at Club 1148 and over the years worked coat check, bar tended when they need an extra on Sunday nights and I eventually became a manager when all the mangers quit to open their own club.  I never did thank them... Thank you.

Club 1148 changed its name a couple times before it closed but it will always be that to me.  As for PowerPlay...  people in Cleveland still think it is open, at least according to all the city searches.  Some "youngster" (read: dumb ass) even thinks that PowerPlay was a rip off of Dave and Buster's and they might be right, sort of... PowerPlay was in fact the Dave & Buster's of Cleveland - the 1982 model of D&B. Frank Sinatra was even a guest its first year, among others and it did have a restaurant, and Cleveland did not get its first D&B until 1997.  PowerPlay opened in 1989.  I am very hazy when it closed because I had left by then and it seemed to just fade away.  I can't even find a news article about it closing.

According to the Husband, who then was just a friend and someone else's husband (we had been friends since 1994 - started dating in 2004), I drank a lot which may be right but how he knew since he lived in DC at the time amazes me... I also deny ever drunk dialing.

It had been a year since my boyfriend of six years had ended and I was really enjoying my life and friends.  I also successfully avoided any serious relationships and tested a lot of waters.

So, what would I be writing about...?  I wouldn't be.  I did not even own a computer then and everything I wrote was on a guest check.  Literally, guest orders, drink orders, short stories... eventually those made it into a journal but a blog?  Yeah, right.  I was home long enough to sleep, shower and (I paused here and decided not to type fuck) read.  If I did not eat at the restaurant I worked at then I was off with my little group to get dinner somewhere.  I was not unfamiliar with a computer.  I used one everyday... at the office.  I had a laptop but lost it when I left the boyfriend.

Boring I was not.  But something was missing and I found that the day my son was born. How cliché and boring but... eh.

I am currently trying to type with one hand while bouncing nursing Jamba Mama on my lap and Spongebob is on TV watching Goofy jump off the couch (and occasionally I yell at him for jumping off the couch).  I have slept maybe 12 hours the last few days which is the same amount of time the Husband worked last night... and the night before and the night before that.

After I publish this, I will be making a lasagna and that is something I never made until I had a child.  I will also be making lunch for the Husband and I will more then likely be painting with the kindergartner after cleaning the kitchen.

We are also preparing for a first birthday and a first soccer game this month and even though I don't work at a bar or restaurant any more I do enjoy my current job (not nearly as much but close enough) and have been there for four years.   

And...  the Husband and I are celebrating our anniversary this month, yay us!

Life is good.  Boring...? Absolutely not.
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