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50 Shades of Ambiance + Win $100 for the @StoreforLovers! #sponsored

50 Shades of Ambiance @StoreforLovers + Enter to Win $100! #sponsored

As a lifelong Northeast Ohio gal, I can honestly say that I know all about Ambiance, the Store for Lovers. 

Not always of course, I first asked my mom what they sold once when I was young, to which she replied, "marital aids," and would say nothing more. I found out but never told her!

Ambiance is the store to go to when feeling amorous and not wanting to feel dirty afterwards. I am one of those gals that enjoys going with the Hubs to look, feel, and maybe even giggle a little over the displays. I have hosted (and was a consultant for) sex toy parties and I have been to the seedier joints; I shop online, but nothing compares to the Ambiance experience. Ambiance also has an outstanding website to buy from, too!

Ambiance is a brightly lit boutique, no shady backroom or creepy salespeople to make you feel dirty. In fact, the ladies who were working when the Hubs and I went were open, kind, and very helpful without being o-v-e-r-l-y helpful. I like to browse, not discuss but when I did have questions they had answers.

50 Shades of Ambiance @StoreforLovers - inside the store

The more risque items are in the back, and by risque I mean there is a whole wall of toys ranging from the "Oh. My. Gosh!" to the ain't that cute. If you are the shy type it is easy-ish to avoid or at least work up to seeing. I have a few but nothing beats a bullet, especially one that is wireless. I would not normally share this but I am because it didn't work!

I wasn't worried though because the salesperson explained when we bought it we had ten days to bring it back if it did not work. The Hubs was the lucky one to go back and they replaced it with no problems.

Personally, I think it is a waste of a trip if you don't leave without picking up a lube. Let's face it, I'm old, have a few kids, and not a porn star but I imagine even the best porn star will sing the praises of a fantastic lube. They have a great selection of water-based and flavored ones to make it hard to decide which to get.

50 Shades of Ambiance @StoreforLovers fetish items

Toy, lube, what else... We are going to a masquerade ball in February so I was thrilled to pick up my mask and since 50 Shades of Grey is coming out in February the Hubs thought it would be funny to get Grey's tie. See, not all naughty.

Yes, I read all three of the 50 Shades books, I am not ashamed. I do not think they are fine literature, I didn't read them for that, and yes, I enjoyed them. They are fun, a little laughable, and good escape from reality. Ambiance carries the official line of items from 50 Shades, plus items that aren't official. Who doesn't love a little play while keeping the romance alive.

Our experience at the store was brilliant and fun! We both enjoyed browsing which lead to talking and as we talked I was reminded, once again, how much I adore him. Toys and sexy lingerie is not a necessity to a happy relationship but it sure does make it fun.

"If I get married, I want to be very married" - Audrey Hepburn

Now it is your turn to enter to win $100 from Ambiance! 
Do one, do a few, or do all the entries for more chances to win! You can shop in the store or if you are not from Northeast Ohio - shop online!

Win $100 eCard to Ambiance ~ The Store for Lovers

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