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Frozen Inspired Personalized Valentine Idea

#Frozen Inspired Personalized Valentine Ideas

Valentine's Day is so much fun when you have little ones. As my oldest gets, well, older, helping with the class party and making valentines is just not as cool as when he was younger. Sure I can make treats and they have a party but Valentines are pretty boring, and usually store bought. Now that RD is in preschool, you better believe that I am doing something cute!

I have done some pretty darling things in the past for my oldest. One year, I made the "Write" kind of Valentines.

Write kind of valentines
printables for this here

And, another year we made really sweet 3D ones with my kid's picture.

Sweet 3D valentines

So this year, I wanted to do the same for RD.

Inspired by #DisneySide Disney @home Celebrations, going to Disney on Ice's Frozen, and the declaration that RD wants to be Elsa when she grows up to the preschool teachers - I thought it would only be fitting to show off her #disneyside in her Valentine's.

#Frozen Inspired Personalized Valentine Ideas #disneyside

If you have Canva, you can use this template to make your own! Drop your photo in and download it to your computer - easy peasy!

The finished product! Glue dots to hold the candy on to the prints and printed on photo paper. I still have time to get prints and glue them to card stock but I think they look pretty great to hand out to the preschool bunch.

Finished #Frozen Inspired Personalized Valentine

I will probably be going to do store bought for my fourth grader. Don't want to embarrass him or anything.

How do you do Valentine's Day? Homemade or store bought? 

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