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Why I Probably Won't Tell My Kid He Has Autism

I am Different NOT Less - Temple Grandin | Why I Probably Won't Tell My Kid He Has Autism

My oldest was officially diagnosed with autism.  This is not a surprise and we are now on a path that will give him more tools to be able to function in this life.

We will probably not tell him anytime soon.

Don't get me wrong, he knows that he was being tested, he is "very high functioning," said the doctor, but I don't see the need to sit down and say, "you have autism."  He does not think like some, or most, of the kids in his age group but that's fine.  I love his mind, even when I am beyond frustrated with him to follow simple instructions because he is so patient with me.

His teachers know and he has goals plus an IEP but we'll still won't sit down and spell it out anytime soon.

I know he is not the typical kid but he is mine and I will never want him to be anyone other than who he is. I love that he is fascinated with stoplights and tornadoes.  I love that he can draw better now than I did with classes.  He has a brilliant eye for photography, a lovely singing voice, he is creative, and he has an active imagination.  Above all he is kind and, well, mine.

We love him so much and that is what I will tell him.

When I wrote this, I thought I was sharing my love and acceptance.  I didn't realize the importance it is to sit down and say it.  The purpose of getting diagnosed is to be able to get all of the help that is available for him and the family to help him.  Of course he knows, but not really, he thinks differently and that was why we were going through the process, to see if he has autism for certain.  I just didn't realize that saying it would be necessary, but it may be time.

Thank you

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