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5 Signs You Are Living with a Tween

I am not sure when it happened, it just sort of sneaked up on me.  One minute I was holding him in my arms and now he is keeping secrets and being *gasp* defiant.

He always did what he was told, always.  Okay, maybe he never exactly did exactly what he was told but now he is giving me a look of defiance before he sulks away to do whatever it was I wanted him to do at that moment.  I suppose counting to three won't work soon.

If defiance was the only sign of a tween I suppose my daughter was born one.

Here are five signs that you too have a tweenager at home:

1. They go to the fridge when they are hungry and take what they want.

It seems like just yesterday he would say, "Mom, I'm hungry," and wait for me to tell him to grab some fruit or make dinner and now he just goes and gets something, usually mine, and eats.

2. They use a microwave.

Yes, this could be part of the whole feeding oneself thing but I feel that this should be separate because he is now so much closer to living on his own, in college.  Hot plates are obsolete, right?

3. Impromptu trips to favorite ice cream shops are no longer impressive.

Remember when a trip to the ordinary to you, was extraordinary for them? Yea, not so much anymore.

4. Girls call the house.

Or the opposite sex calls the house and they take the phone to. their. room!

5. They take long showers.

Just when you were wondering if they were actually under the showerhead long enough to get all parts of their body wet, they stay in long enough to wonder what they are actually doing in there.  *shudder*

Feel free to share how you knew you were living with a tween or what you don't look forward to when you do.

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