6 Secrets to a Successful Christmas Cookie Decorating Party

For the last several years, and to the detriment of my husband, my son and I have hosted a cookie decorating party.

It started off small with the first two years just my son and a friend but once he hit kindergarten it became a party complete with invitations. He started planning his cookie party right after Halloween and I went from two kids to nine kids.

As I was reading past blog posts about this cookie party I realize that I need this just as much as my son. I thought it would be a good way to help him socialize and get into the holiday spirit but really this is about me getting in the spirit, too.

Nothing says Christmas like sharing, cookies and kids.  And, cocoa lots of cocoa.

The Husband says he hates this party and had hoped we had forgotten about it but I think he secretly likes it too. We both came from big families with lots of siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins but as families do they move away and have their own families so our family, now, is small in comparison. Having a house full of our third grader’s friends makes our family seem much bigger. This year baby girl will get to have some friends over as well. It will be a big to do.

Then there was last year's party when my son held a funeral for the elf on the shelf...

We are in the process of planning this year’s cookie party so I thought I would share a few things I have learned over the years.

1. Pre-make the cookies (pre-cut is even better)

I am a great big fan of GFS and especially their gingerbread cookies. They are the best I have ever eaten! I buy a box of those and a big box of their pre-cut sugar cookies. I make them the night before and we are good to go.

The first few years the kids decorated as I baked and it was messy, fun but messy. When you have a room full of strange kids it is best to prebake the cookies then let them frost and decorate the cookies.

2. Cupcake holders are not just for cupcakes

Cupcake holders make the best little bowels for sprinkles, jimmies, and red hots. They are easy to pass, and to throw away. They also work in a pinch for putting frosting in to decorate cookies.

Veggie trays work great, too.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of the Mess

Put a plastic table cloth on the table AND on the floor - this will be messy.

4. Candy Canes Make the Best Stir Sticks

And not just stir sticks but crush them up and you have another decoration for the cookies.

5. Take Out Boxes

The first year that we invited his class I didn’t think the kids would take any home. I thought they would eat them while watching a movie. They all took them home and ate popcorn while watching the movie. I have learned to have something for transporting treats home.

Old fashioned take out boxes work fantastic, too!

6. Invites Set the Tone

Just like any other party invites are set the tone. This year I wrote a poem. It is my first, feel free to use the invite.

click here for the printable

Do you celebrate the holidays with your kid’s friends?


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