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Because Prompts Are Fun #1

I love prompts!  They are great for when I have a block or just when I want to be creative and need a reason to write what I write.  I even love the critiques I have received from some and made some great friendships through others.  It is why, when Darcy from Tales from the Nursery started a new project and wanted to include prompts I jumped at that the opportunity to help out.

I have participated in many over the years and am looking forward to seeing what comes out of our collaboration. 

The deal:  Every Monday we will publish a couple of prompts, you have all week to write something and on Friday, meet back up with us and link up.  Easy peasy.

Week #1 - Because Prompts Are Fun

Hard  /härd/
Solid, firm, and resistant to pressure; not easily broken, bent, or pierced.

With a great deal of effort.
tough - severe - difficult - heavy - stiff - firm

heavily - hardly

The prompts:

  1. Hardest day as a mom (or dad)
  2. Hardest thing about blogging
  3. Hardest class you ever took

Don't forget to come back and link up on Friday, January 25.  
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