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What I Have Learned as a @BloggerIdol Judge #WritersaretheNewRockStars

It seems a little strange right now, typing this, trying to pick the right words to create a sentence that may tell a story. It seems like ages since I have sat down to write when in reality it has not been that long.

I have been slacking… I may make it my New Year’s resolution but until then, well, I am going to bestow upon you what I have learned since joining the Blogger Idol team as a judge. Don’t worry; this will be short and sweet.

The 5 things I have learned being a Blogger Idol Judge

1. There is nothing unique in being a mommy or daddy blogger but there is when you are a mom or dad who blogs

It’s all in the delivery people. The majority of bloggers I have encountered in this competition have kids and significant others. We are all trying to be creative and sometimes funny and there is only one way to stand out – find your own voice and use it. Embrace you and don’t try to be anyone else or get discourage because you don't have their numbers.

2. Design, design, design…

Don’t take the lazy way out and download one from a free site. If you don’t feel creative enough to do it yourself (and don’t want to pay) than keep it simple. Pick a color scheme not the whole palette and for goodness sake please don’t animate anything or have songs auto play.

3. CAPTCHA is for those who don’t love their followers

I get it, you don’t want spam but trust me – if you are just starting out the likely hood of you getting spammed is pretty slim and if you read your comments you will be able to delete them easier than it is for me to type the silly string of words. Why are you punishing someone who took the time to write you a thoughtful comment?!!? I refuse to leave comments anymore if the CAPTCHA box pops up. Not that anyone would know, but I know…

4. You are only as relevant as your last post

In other words, even it is not your best post; don’t wait too long to post. There are way too many blogs out there and you want to remind your readers you are still going.

4.1 Don't post anything when on medicine especially cold medicine

You will have to go in and make edits

5. Make it easy to know you and follow you!

The only thing more frustrating than CAPTCHA is not being able to follow or know about a great blog! I might not comment if there is a CAPTCHA but I will at least tweet it, if it is easy to do so that is.

I may have a small blog but I know what I like in others and during my Blogger Idol experience, I had almost thrown in the towel. But it seems that will have to be another day and more of a reason to make that resolution.

Be certain to vote for who will be this year’s Blogger Idol.

Do it, do it now.
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