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So You Want to Make a Gingerbread House and a Sweet Giveaway from @BJsWholesale

I received a $25 gift card to purchase for this review.  My opinions are 100% my own.

Ever since I took the kids to GLOW at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens the second grader has been bugging me to make a gingerbread house.  And, by "bugging" I mean begging and by "ever since" I mean every single day.  Every day!

I had planned on doing a ginger bread house at the Botanical Garden but we went during CircleFest and it was too crowded to do it with a demanding toddler and an enthusiastic budding gingerbread architect.  For Clevelanders, CircleFest is a pretty popular event and all of the museums in Wade Circle open their doors to the fun of the season and the circle is decked with lights and even a ice rink.  Needless to say, due to the crowds flocking to see and do everything that day, we skipped the activity at the gardens.

Lucky for me, BJs reached out and sent me a gingerbread house to do at home!  Not sure who was more excited about making the gingerbread house - Baby or the second grader.  At first glance, I was not all that impressed. I was expecting ridiculous amounts of candy and  buckets of frosting.  My kids were beyond excited and thankfully Baby lost interest and Goofy and I could get down to business.  Turns out, there was exactly enough candy and icing (but why not add a few m&ms).

But wait! Before I share with you our gingerbread adventure I have to tell you about BJs!  BJs is offering a 60-Day Membership for FREE!  Yep, get all the benefits of membership and 60 days for free!  I love shopping a BJs and not just for toilet paper and diapers but also for the Holidays.  Don't believe me?  Take a look at their Holiday catalog online.

So... you want to make a gingerbread house!

First things first.  

Unpack the box and preferably away from the overly excited two year old.

Secondly, read the instructions.  

I decided that we should make the tree first.  It was a little nerve racking breaking the tree apart to put it together.  The directions say to break all the pieces apart but I only did two and "glued" with frosting on the solid piece.  

The directions are very straight forward and easy.  Once the tree was up, we tackled the house.  The tree and house need time to set and dry.  I figured the tree would not take as long and it can be decorated while the house is drying.

It took me and The Husband to put the roof but when we took a second to admire our handy work...

Never fear!  I got the house to set, sure I held it while the kid stuck m&ms (not included) on to the tree but it got the job done.


Once the house was secure enough to add the decorations, I outlined the roof, windows and doors in frosting then left Goofy to his own devices to create his house.

As you can see, he is an honest to goodness gingerbread house architect.

Now it is your turn!  Enter to win $25 to BJs Wholesale and don't forget... your chance to get a free 60 day membership ends at the end of the month!  Even if you don't win the gift card you get 60 days to try out BJs - win win! 

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