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Back to School Spree Week Featuring @LakeshoreLM School Supplies

 @LakeshoreLM School Supplies
My son received the My First Science Experiments, but did not receive any other compensation.  Opinions are 100% our own.

When my son caught me on the Lakeshore website he was immediately drawn to My First Science Experiments and nothing could detract him from the kit. It would be an understatement to say that he wanted it. He asked if it came ever day till it arrived and it drove us crazy! As luck would have it, speedy delivery!

He has gotten thing before in the mail but nothing compared to his reaction when the box arrived and he got to hold the science kit in his hands.  As we were in the process of preparing for his birthday party (in other words, cleaning) when it came I would not let him set it up.  This turned out to be a good thing because when he finally got to set it up and use it, it has remained set up on our dinning room table.

Lakeshore's dedication to children, teachers and parents is unsurpassed!  Their dedication truly shows through their website and in their products.  It is also written all over the about them pages - founded by a mom, passed on to sons and grandsons, heck, they even have a preschool!  They really know their educational products.

My only complaint, and it is a complaint that I have with all stores, is their lack of left handed supplies.  Lefties need more then scissors.  But, if that is the only thing I can't fin on their site you know they have something good!

Science @LakeshoreLM School Supplies

I love the look on C-man's face as he mixes test tubes!  The set itself comes with a book of experiments as well as some elements to experiment with, mom supplied the rest.  I wished the set had more to it as far as "stuff" to make experiments with but, my son was content and happy and has been making up his own experiments with it for the last week.  I think content is to mild - I'd say thrilled would be better.  He really loves this set!

Besides all of the amazing school supplies they have Lakeshore also has some amazing ideas on pinterest but they have a slew of free resources from lesson plans to flash cards right on the site!  There are so many cool ideas on here I can honestly say that I was a bit overwhelmed at first.  In fact, I just found this free resource link yesterday! 

In a nut shell, brilliant site for teachers, back to school, home schooling, preschoolers and, in my case, even PSR (aka bible school for Catholics) teachers.  Lakeshore is an amazing resource for new ideas with the experience to execute them for the everyday person.  I can't recommend this site more even if I worked for them.

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