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Back to School Spree Week Featuring Microsoft @Office #B2SSpree

Microsoft @Office
I received a free copy of Office for this review but did not receive any other compensation. The opinions are 100% mine and I don't review things that I don't like or use.

Next product in the Back to School Spree - Microsoft Office!  

I won't lie... I was never a fan of Microsoft Office.  In fact, I refused to get installed when we bought a new computer for home.  Who needs it?  I have Google docs!

But, then, I used Office 2010, at work and I am hooked.  I now have my own version at home and am using it to write this blog post!

Microsoft Office

What the master minds behind Office did to the 2010 version of this program is near genius.  It is intuitive, it is easy to use, it is clean and clutter free, it is a dream to use.  Did I mention easy?  Yes, it took about a minute and a half to get use to the new tool bar but once I did, low and behold a whole new world opened up.
Microsoft Office: The Perfect Companion for Every Student is an understatement!  I have been using PowerPoint to create on screen flashcards for my son as well as for baby girl.  And, the presentations are not just for the training room or the boardroom but with PowerPoint, C-man can turn a poster board idea into a multi-media presentation with images, audio and video that will help get his point across and wow his class.

All though he won't be writing papers in the second grade when he does · A+ papers and reports will be a breeze with Microsoft Word.  Everything is at your finger tips from adding charts to changing fonts.

Excel was not one of my strongest skills but now I can say with confidence that I can make a pivot table and crunch numbers from different worksheets.  It also comes with simple-to-use analysis tools such as Sparklines – embedded word-sized graphics - that bring visual meaning to complicated data.

Of all of the programs OneNote is the one that I know the least about but has been the most fun to learn.  It brings note taking to the digital age with easy to use tabs and search function. Keep audio, video, web clips and even scanned images in one place so that it’s never lost or forgotten.

And as a "welcome back to school" gift - Buy Office Home and Student 2010, Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 (3 pack), Office University 2010 or Office for Mac University 2011 between August 8th and Sept 14th you will get 15% off.  

I can honestly say that Office is worth every. single. penny. 

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