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Ten Things to do in June

Hooray for June!  It is hard to believe that it is here and it is!  The last day of school for my baby boy and the first summer baby girl can truly enjoy the beach. 

My Ten Things to do in June

1.  Keep reading!  It is crazy to me that I finally have time to read again.  Sure it may be while locked in the bathroom but none the less I'm reading!

2.  Go to the beach!

3.  Post more often.  I feel like I am running out of ideas so I will have to find a challenge.

4.  Get baby girl into her own bed! (this should probably be one)

5.  Continue walking.

6.  Spend more time with my mom.

7.  Take the Husband out on a date.

8.  Weed my backyard.

9.  Go to the beach, again.

10.  Have a girls night.

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