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My Big Feet and New Kicks (aka shoes)

I am not going to sugar coat this - I have big feet.  Strike that, I had big feet and then I birthed two huge babies and my feet grew TWO more times.  My feet are HUGE!

I was born with big feet.  As the story goes, sweet, old Grandma Dorthy took one look at her brand new grand baby and exclaimed, "My God those are big feet!"  I was a newborn for Christ's sake!

Ah, well, I have had many years to get use to this and accept them (I say that like I have a choice) but that does not mean that I go running out to buy new shoes like my tiny feet sisters and friends.  No, I am afraid to admit this but, I hate shoes.  Baby girl is in for a rude awaking when she discovers she has probably inherited her mama's shoe size.  Did I mention I am also cursed with wide feet and she will be, too?

This post is not on my inability to buy cute shoes (but in a way it is), no this post is about finding a pair of sneakers that actually fit and I will actually use to *gasp* exercise in.  Call me crazy, but I do pilates and yoga just so I won't have to invest in shoes or sports bras.  Alas, this is doing nothing for my weight loss initiative. Well, that and actually making it to a class would be helpful.  Regardless, besides pulling a plane (and collecting donations for pulling said plane), I have signed up to do two (yes, TWO) sports in the Cleveland Corporate Challenge.  That would be two out of too many fourteen sports and or/events (not sure if skeeball is a sport, yet).

What is the Cleveland Corporate Challenge?  It is an organized competition between corporations in Cleveland and proceeds go to charity.   Since I am office manager, I am in charge of organizing our participation in the challenge.  In other words, I remind people to sign up and where to go once they do sign up.  I am also told that I will be attending most, if not all, of the events.  I figured what better example to set and join in on the, er, fun.  I signed up for softball.  I can play softball.  I played softball when I worked at the Imrov, I can do this now, sixteen years later.  Have you ever seen that episode of Seinfeld, where he plays for the Imrov team in New York?  Yep, that is how I remember it, too, except we were drinking while we played.

Why I think softball now is a good idea is beyond me?

Did I mention my boss signed me up for dodge ball?  Luckily, he is a friend and I like dodge ball.

Back to my new kicks (didn't think I'd get there did you?).  I have not bought tennis shoes since I waited tables and now that I am walking (yep, every day at lunch) I thought the time was right.  I also had a gift card from Sears (thanks, mom!) and it was Memorial Weekend so there was a sale, anyway, I have new kicks!

See the band-aid on my oh so swollen foot?   That is from walking in birkenstocks that are too loose while walking around downtown Cleveland.  I now have a cute new pair of sneakers to walk in and do random sport like activities.  As a bonus, they fit like a dream and I for a minute, if I close my eyes and click my heels I feel like I have smaller feet.

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