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Just. Be. Enough. - My Career on Paper

I have spent the last two weeks updating, changing, rewriting and reviewing my resume and I am drained. I have been so preoccupied with this task that I have neglected all other personal endeavors (i.e. blogging) and dove head in to attempting to create a resume that I can be proud to show to potential employers. The thing is, I am not doing this for potential employers - I am doing this for me.

I have a great job, I work for a wonderful company and I love my boss. I could not ask for a better job but with headlines that scream job losses how can I not update the old resume from time to time? And from time to time I mean I have finally committed to doing it for the first time in three years.

Yes, three years since I have even given the old resume a once over and in that span I have gone from receptionist to administrative assistant to office manager. There was a brief period of time that I wanted to leave my company. I had been there a year and was so unhappy but luckily the situation fixed itself and I am proud to say that I have worked there for five years. Five years! So unlike me, then again I have a family and kids so I would say that helped ground me.

My sister, on the other hand, feels I should quit working all together and be a stay at home mom. She did it and loved it ergo I should quit and stay at home as well. Don’t get me wrong, the thought has crossed my mind but so has having dinner with John Cusack and skydiving. I just don’t see it happening. At least not until one of us wins the lottery or maybe when the baby gets out of diapers. Never mind the insurance from my company is better and costs less than the Husband’s and we could use the extra income right now.

I also have a touch of agoraphobia (okay, a big freakin ton of it and officially diagnosed no less) so the idea of not leaving the house would suit me just fine – the kids, might think differently. I could see myself reverting to a recluse if I have nowhere to be every day.

I know I could make plans and schedule things, which I would do but what if I started having panic attacks or thought about them or slipped into a deep depression and neverleftmyhouseandthekidswouldbethosecrazykidsfromthecrazymom!

So, I updated my resume and put aside all other obligations so that I can have an updated record of my career, on paper. And as much as I love my children, the time apart may be good for us, for now. I may revisit this in a year or two especially when school work for the first grader gets harder and he will need more help or when they have to dig us out with a bulldozer because I just can’t keep up with the housework - whichever comes first.

What I forgot to add to my resume:
  • Change a diaper of a wiggling baby while said baby screams in under one minute, with the lights off.
  • Make three separate meals in less than two hours and separate them in as many containers to cover lunches and dinner times for a week.
  • Sort, clean, fold and put away a months’ worth of laundry while catching up on Being Human (BBC and SyFy versions)
  • Mediate disputes among family members and facilitate solutions
  • Washing the dishes (by hand) and giving the baby a bath (demonstrates multi-tasking)
  • Tutoring in 1st grade math all 15,000 different ways they teach adding now
  • Bake a variety of treats for PTA bake sales and class room parties without going over family grocery budget
  • Writing about subjects at the drop of a hat

Have you updated your resume recently?  What would you add if you could?

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