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Do You Know @TheGoToMommy? And Her Recipe via Facebook!

One of the unexpected pleasures of writing a blog is the community of bloggers that you become apart of as well as all of the great people you meet because of this community.  There are so many amazing blogs and I keep finding new ones every day to stalk follow.  Recently, I have been introduced to The Go to Mommy written by Leila - mom, wife and blogger extraordinaire working on her Master’s program for Mental Health Counseling.

The Go to Mommy is easy to navigate, very well organized and easy to read.  The color, simplicity and clean lines of her layout are elegant, very feminine but welcoming. You can tell she is a no nonsense blogger with information to share which makes the name of this blog so perfect!

Her reviews are insightful and the giveaways are easy and fun but she also writes on a range of subjects from recipes to blogger opportunities and a little bit of random goodness.  In addition, Leila opens her heart and shares why she is a field advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the birth stories of her two beautiful kids.  It is not always easy to write about our real lives and make it interesting, let alone relatable, but she does.

As I was browsing her recipes, I realized that I did not have a recipe for this week's installment of Recipes via Facebook so I added her Cream Cheese, Garlic and Chive Stuffed Chicken to my wall - feel free to pass it around to all your Facebook friends and family.  If you like her recipe, please tell her so here!

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Now. if that recipe is not enough of a reason to visit her blog I don't know what is!  I just wish she had a photo of it because it sounds delicious! 

Have a recipe you would like to share? Post it (in its entirety) on iNeed a Playdate (aka Hello Mommy)'s Facebook page and I will feature it in an up coming Tuesday blog post!

PS If you are a blogger, include the original link and I will link back to your post and probably your Facebook and Twitter pages.
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