Sweet and Easy 3D Customized Photo Valentines

Sweet 3D Customized Photo Valentine
I just love Valentine's Day now that I have a kid old enough to trade them at school.  I envied the kids whose mom made the ones that they handed out.  Not that there is anything wrong with the store bought ones because they were cool, too, but there seemed to be something extra special about the ones made out of dollies and covered in glitter. 

For as crafty as I think I am, I can not see myself cutting out (or helping to cut out) twenty red hearts, gluing them to dollies that easily tear and then coming up with cute sayings to write on them.  Besides, the box cards come with candy!  Then that damn pinterest came along and I found that there are some really cute ideas that don't involve glue or cutting!  Hooray for pinterest!  What did we do last year?

Some ideas I considered...

But seeing as I use to be a photographer and happen to marry one, this idea stood out...

And this is what we came up with...

I made a slit  just above and just below his hand with an exact-o knife and then the photo was glued to card stock. I did the same for Superman photo but off to the side.

Sweet 3D Customized Photo Valentine - super easy!

You're a Super Friend - Sweet 3D Customized Photo Valentine

Sweet and Easy 3D Customized Photo Valentines

Now to tackle a treat for the class...

Check this out idea... plus a free printable! 
 Write Kind of Valentine