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Crushes... Are They Only for the Young or Can They be for the Young at Heart?

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I'm feeling a little Carrie Bradshaw with my title:
Crushes... Are They Only for the Young or Can They be for the Young at Heart?
What can I say - another "news" story came on the other day about Facebook and online flirting, yada yada yada.  But the story got me thinking about crushes, flirting and relationships.  I do love how they, the news journalists, make it seem like this is A.) news and B.) new.  Nothing new about this, just the venue that it is delivered.  How this is news is what the real story should be about.

I am not against flirting and I am certainly not against having crushes and it is only when it becomes more than occasional flirting and crosses the crush line that I think things can be dangerous.  For instance, if you deliberately hide a relationship from your significant other, then you may be in trouble of crossing the line or say when the whole office is talking about your daily lunch outings and you still continue with them then it becomes a problem.

With that said... I am also a jealous person so just because in theory I don't mind it, does not mean that I won't necessarily be jealous if it turns out to be innocent and I was not included.  For some reason, for me, being included in the crush or the fantasy is the difference to say Cerebral Wanderlust and Emotional Cheating.  These are just two of the articles I pulled up when I searched "crushes and flirting" on Eden Fantasys' SexIs. Nothing really addressed just a crush.

I Am...Sasha FierceI like having crushes... someone to flirt with and the attention is no doubt an ego boost if it is reciprocated. 

The Husband knows, because, I tell him and because they are innocent.  An ego boost.  I certainly don't have many that reciprocate and I don't discriminate between boys and girls.  I also don't often flirt with my crushes because they may live in Hollywood, for instance, or because I like to admire from a far. 

I have even written about my earliest crush and I still stand by the whole - 'if the fantasy was realized it would probably disappoint' theory which keeps me from straying.  Well that, and I like monogamy and want to stay married. Not to say that the Husband and I don't have a "freebie list" and if the opportunity for him to be with Beyonce ever comes up, he has my blessing...

There is just something to be said about a good old fashion crush that gets blood moving and inspiration flowing... for later. A reminder of my youth if you will... So here is my question...

Is a crush cheating?

Thank you

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