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I'm Pulling a Boeing 737 Plane for Special Olympics. Help!

My Uncle Dave is the most inspiring person I have ever known.  He was funny and supportive and he made the best macaroni & cheese from a box.

He use to help watch my little brother and I over the summers and when we would spend the night at my grandparents' house.  He would play cards and Chinese checkers with us - way past our bedtime.  He was so cool.  Uncle Dave had cerebral palsy.  He was not suppose to live past his first birthday but he was a fighter and live well into his fifties.  When he died...  Lets just say it was at a time when I thought there would always be one more day and when there was never enough time to visit.  sigh.

I wish my kids could have met him.  He was an inspiration because he was always laughing.  He never seemed to have a bad day, even when we knew he was having one.  He was a joy and I was so lucky to grow up under his watchful eye.  He did not miss a thing and though he had disabilities and he was not disabled.  It is because of him that I did the Special Olympics Plane Pull last year and it is because of him that I am doing it this year.  It also happens to be fun and I get to do it with my co-workers while the kids cheer me on.

What is a plane pull you ask?  Do you really pull a plane?  Why, yes, yes you do.  We will be pulling a Boeing 737 plane on July 9 at Hopkins International Airport.  Yes, that is right, I will be pulling a Boeing 737 plane (with 19 other people) as fast as we can, 12 feet.  That is 150,000 pounds of plane, pulled by 20 people.  Last year, we came in dead last but helped raise a lot of money. 

I am looking for sponsors/donations... If I can get 37 1/2 people to donate just $1.00, I will meet my requirement for the pull off.  Of course, my real goal is $100 but eh... every little bit helps and I hoping that I can count on 37 and 1/2 of anybody reading this in the next week.  If you can help please click here to donate.

Special Olympics is such an amazing organization and I am so very proud to participate in this event.

This post happens to fit (sort of) in this weeks Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop she also happens to be a special corespondent for the Special Olympics in Athens.  This woman is my blogging idol. 

Thank you

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