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Rant on Grocery Stores and Rude People.

I hate grocery shopping.  I mean I really hate grocery shopping.  I would give anything to be rich just so I can pay someone to grocery shop for me.

I hate everything about the grocery store, the people, the ridiculous amounts of the same thing in a different package, the people that shop there...  HaTe grocery shopping.

It is, however, a necessary evil and can not get away from it... that said, I had to stop at the grocery store on my way home from visiting mom and figured I would try out Heinen's for no other reason then it was technically on the way home because of the construction on Lake Ave and, maybe, I was secretly hoping I would like it better then the other big name grocery store a block from my house.

Let me first start by saying that, this is not my first trip to a Heinen's just my first time at this Heinen's.  I am still unsure of how I feel about the store itself but it all started...  In the parking lot.

The parking lot is nuts.  It is a maze of one way streets and it is tight and it was crowded.  I had no idea people shopped like this on a Sunday afternoon.  I was actually having a mini panic attack weaving my way around this parking lot.

Then again, it was the first nice day after a blizzard so maybe folks just needed to get out of the house and why not go to the grocery store!  I had actually given up on going in and was attempting to leave the labyrinth they call a parking lot when I spied a parking space... must be fate.

Walking through the parking lot was just dangerous... I thought trying to drive was bad but trying to walk among the drivers searching for a parking place... ha!  I am just dumbfounded at how crowded this place is and I have not even made it through the front door!  And, I have to ask... Why do you only have one door for an entrance and an exit?!?  Why???  I know it is a trend with all grocery stores but why such a tiny little entrance way?

Got the baby in the cart, Goofy is holding on to the cart and we are walking behind the oldest man alive.   God bless this man for even being out in this weather let alone at a grocery store; on a Sunday. He was making his way slowly and carefully between the rows of carts and the rows of baggers at the end of the checkout lines (remember I said one door for entrance and exit - very narrow or maybe I am claustrophobic?).  Add to all of this, and by this I mean... baggers, carts, shoppers, kids - let's throw in a wine and cheese sample stand.

Really, I mean really?

Out of all the places in the store you have to put a sample station it has to be at one of THE most congested areas?  I am all for wine and cheese samples but let me get to a place that I can actually stop and not be in the way of all things.

It was a little chaotic to say the least but that was not even the issue.

The issue I had was the queen bitch pushing her royal ass through all of the congestion... I could literally feel her breathing down my neck.  I had to move Goofy out of the way so she would not run him over.  Our carts were literally rubbing each other when I said, something like... "Are you kidding me?" and "Do you not see the old man ahead of us?"  "Must you run down the old man and the children?" (Honestly, I probably said all of that and more).

Her reply was something along the line - "Well I am being careful," (in a nasty queen of all things grocery voice).

"No, you are not being careful you are running people over with your cart..."

Her reply which is the Best. Reply. Ever... "I wish I could run you over."

Those are her words.  Not paraphrased. Not made up.  "I wish I could run you over."

Makes me so proud to be her sister in womanhood.

The rest of the trip to this store was not much better.   The aisles are narrow and crowded and it seems like everybody knows everybody else and had to stop in the middle of the aisle to talk to someone.  Do you really not see me and the cart and the kids walking behind you?  sigh.

Had it been any other day and queen bitch had not wanted to run, my children and an old man over with her cart I might have enjoyed all of this but... it was irritating.  The cashier was sweet and the people who work there deserve combat pay.  People in that area of town are just not nice.

At least not on Sunday.

I also paid $26 for some (organic) milk, two loaves of bread, some coffee, and some brand name snack for Goofy.

It was an expensive shopping trip and not just the cost of my groceries.

I won't even mention trying to back out of the parking lot since I was sandwiched between two very large, very new, very expensive SUVs.  sigh.

This is not the fault of Heinen's, I do know this... it is my fault for shopping above my station.

The PR person for Heinen's was very sweet for even responding to my tweet (several times, btw) and I like the idea of shopping there but...  that woman is why I hate shopping at this store.  I am always running into that woman who feels she is just better and should be allowed to force her way through the masses.  I am so impressed with the tweet I got though.  I can not tell you how many times I ranted about the lack of cashiers at the big box store who has more "check yourself out" lines then actual people.  I hate that even more then congested walkways and nasty customers at Heinen's.

I miss the store that use to be in my neighborhood and maybe, that is why I had such an unpleasant experienced.

Maybe if that woman saw me there before, she would not have been so rude but I have to ask... why are we so rude to each other?  A mom, with a baby and a small child, walking behind an elderly man struggling to walk and you feel the need to push through?  She is probably the same woman who complains that teenagers have no respect.

Mine is one of many grocery store rants that go on all day, every day and thank you Heinen's for responding. I will try your store out again... just not on Sunday.

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