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Watermelon Bridesmaid Dress?

When I picture the color watermelon... I picture a red.  I picture pink.  I do not picture...
... that is the color that one of the bridal websites decided watermelon would be.  Another bridal website has a color closer to what I had envisioned...

...but it all boils down to - I have to go to the store to shop.  Before I go, I have to lose at least a dress size and I need to know I have the $$$ for the dress that I have to buy.  The last is actually the least of my worries.  I am absolutely  panicked about this because the bride has given us the choice of dress. 

The pressure! 

I would rather her tell me what to buy then have the responsibility of picking out something that would not match the others or look bad.

I am a nervous wreck about this wedding.  I was not even this stressed about my own.  Then again, I am the fattest I have ever been and I got married in Vegas wearing sneakers.  I looked hot! And... they were fancy sneakers, lace and pearls.

I love this woman like a sister otherwise I would have said no - based on the color alone.  What fat girl looks good in watermelon?  This one might
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