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Being Human in 2 Minutes

I just watched the preview for SyFy's (still hate that spelling) version of Being Human and I am not sure how I feel about it.

I have deliberately not viewed any of the previews and ignored the commercials so I can see the show as a "virgin" so to speak.  I did not want to pre-judge the series. You see I lOvE the original... I mean I LOVE every aspect of the series and I am all ready unhappy that the vampire is so pretty looking.

I feel like they were going for an older Twilight vampire instead of the James Dean type with an addiction.  I also have a mad crush on the Annie/ghost character and cried with her when she remembered how she died.

So, I guess, I am really glad they changed the character names.  I wonder if they will change their stories from the original version as well.  I sort of hope they do.  Make it a whole new show.  

I love the feel of the BBC show.  Dark and gritty as well as the poetry in the violence and sex of the original. Being that this series is on cable I hoping that it will embrace that aspect of the show as well.  This is not a show for the kiddies. 

Still... I am not trying to judge before I see the SyFy version because, well, SyFy has yet to go wrong by my in the TV department.  Unless you count canceling the Dresden Files or changing their name. Fingers crossed and good luck SyFy!  I am pulling for you to make this a success.

Being Human in 2 Minutes-Series Preview: "Being Human is harder then it looks. Take a sneak peek at the upcoming Syfy Original Series! Premiers Monday, January 17 at 9/8C!"

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