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From Catalog Living
I want the rooms that are in catalogs.

I look longingly at catalogs wishing my home was so clean and perfect.  I gaze dreamily at the products wishing I could afford to have what ever is advertised and the know how to put it all together so it looks lived in but clean.  That last part is what I envy the most.  Clean.  Everything has a place and I have enough room for everything.

Never a dirty dish left out on the counter to crust over requiring a lengthy soak time before scrubbing it with some heavy duty scrubbing agent.  No food found stuck between the folds of the couch cover - that is hiding a stained couch.  No stepping on legos that have escaped their place.  No pieces of corn that the baby flung from the high chair.

I am no hoarder but sometimes the day just gets away with me between catching up with the DVR and eating bon bons; then the maid call off...  Sorry, still daydreaming.  I work full-time and the Husband works more than that and we have a baby that wants to be held all the time and a Kindergartner who is adjusting to not being the only child. 

From Catalog Living
But....  I will mentally molest the picture of the perfect back yard (yes, drinks included) and imagine myself, lounging there with the Husband and friends (maybe those I might meet from Thirsty Thursday?) while the kids play (without fighting) in the backyard and be thankful that I have the perfect family, if not the perfect living room.
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