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Wordless Wednesday? No, not at all more like Wordy Wednesday

I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post but since I have not posted anything in a week or so - it just does not seem right...  I actually have a lot to say!  So, today (for me) is Wordy Wednesday!  Everybody else can be wordless :)

I have spent more time on twitter the last two days (not today) then ever before and mainly because I have a raging headache caused by a sinus infection and for some reason I just can't stop logging in and checking it (in between games of angry bird).  It is a mindless distraction from the pain that I feel and since I can't just bury myself in the pillows and go to sleep.. well...  Have iPod will play.

I have an addictive personality - but once I get it out of my system I am done with it forever (for instance: Farmville on FB (stop asking me to join - I am sorry I ever did it)).  The only exception to this is Angry Birds which I can not get enough of... in fact, when I had to reset my iPod touch because I updated the software (and accidentally deleted everything) I was secretly glad because I have to redo ALL the levels and try and get ALL 3 starts again on every level that I had ALready ready done (including the holiday versions and the Eagle version).  Okay, that is pretty sad but eh... sue me.

I am also a little addicted to entering contests right now...  The contest addiction started with a "like" of  Bliss Tree on Facebook and I won a gift pack.  Then I won a bag of Hershey drops, then something else and something else...

I hope to be able to offer more then my wonderful stories and rants but that is some time in the uncertain future of this blog or until I get an influx of followers which ever may come first.  That does not mean I have stopped trying... In fact, I hope to have my first review (no contest) in the next week or so... just waiting on the mail man.

The best contest news came the other day saying I won a writing contest.  Ha! Me?  I thought it would be a good exercise and it really forced me to verbalize a moment that I did not want to ever forget, yada yada yada... did not think I would win!  So, I re-read what I wrote and boy do I need a full time editor!  I know they must think I am nuts but... eh.  I sent three emails to them: thanks, can I revise and I revised; all before they could reply.  I have officially become neurotic.

On the flip side, right before I opened the email saying that I won and they like my writing I got an email from a company who did not think my blog was right for their product... It was for shower gel.  What mommy would not want nice smelling shower gel?  Ah well...  I still bought the product from their website because it sounds great (and this was after I was denied)... just not going to tell you what or who it is *evil laugh*.  Personally, I think they are looking for a bigger blog following...

Finally (I really should call this Whatever Wordy Wednesday)...  I love Being Human on SciFi!!!  It took three episodes to get into it but it is super good!  Still love the BBC version and am waiting with baited breath for it to air on BBC America but SciFi version, excellent!  Watch it.  Watch it now. (see picture above)

Okay, I lied, not done... My soon to be sister-in-law picked out a dress! And it is not watermelon....  I feel terrible because I told her what I thought about the color and apparently so did everybody else, but in my defense it was after she said she was changing it to gun metal gray.  I wish I didn't tell her.  I also wish she would change it back if that is the color she really wants... who cares what we think.  She has to look at us and those pictures for the rest of their lives.  I do dig the dress... and yes, still need to lose weight to wear it but at least there will be varying sizes in the wedding party.  The color: black.

I leave you with this, dear reader:

Happy Ground Hog's Day!!!
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