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Thanks for letting me know I have a flat...

I usually don't have the funny nursing stories but I have to admit that this one kind of is...

Last weekend I took my kindergartner to his first birthday of the school year at Little Gym. This is also his first birthday party that I actually could have dropped him off and left but not knowing that I had no plans so I decided to hang out.

I should also clarify that not only did I not have plans to say... grocery shop while he partied... I also left my wallet and all credit cards and access to cash at home sitting right next to my cell phone. Who really needs those things anyway? Right…?

Any way...

As I sat there with Jamba Mama, who bounced and farted happily on my lap; I was able to meet some of the other moms in my son's class. Two of the moms I really connected with, they made the time fly and it was nice to put faces to the names he talks about when he actually shares what happened during school. 

Soon it was time for the birthday girl to unwrap presents... a sure sign the party was coming to a close and parents stared trickling in to pick up their party goers. One of the moms, that I had arrived with but she dropped her kid off and left, came back to retrieve her off spring asked me if I knew I had a flat tire.

I stared at her blankly.

I have a flat? Sure, I knew, but why do I need to have air in the tires? I am waiting for AAA? That is not really my car? So many things, I could say but what I did say was "Thank you."

I had no idea what I was going to do and as I was trying to figure that out (remember no phone or money) Bébé was tugging at my shirt wanting to nurse, pretty sure she needs a diaper change now and the birthday girl was almost at the end of her present pile! Hmmmm.

Thankfully, the new mommy friend I met, (who has six girls!) saw my distress and offered to make sure Goofy was watched over while I went to the car with Bébé and the other mommy lent me her cell phone.

Of course, there was no one to call but I did have a chance to collect my thoughts and as I listened to my brother's voice mail (Husband was at work 45 minutes away, brother would be next best) I decided - screw it... I'll drive to the gas station, fill the tire and if worse, there was a Walgreen’s... I'll buy fix-a-flat (which I later found in my car ha!). One problem solved. Next...

Took the Bébé to the car to nurse and change in comfort and gather my thoughts out of sight of the other moms.  As I sat there, I watched an older man pacing around my car. He totally did not notice I was in there and keep giving worried glances to my tire.

Oh, bother... I finished and got out holding bébé on my hip and ready to address the situation, thank him and be on my way. Waiting for him to tell me what I all ready knew he had a hard to time spitting it out.

He kept looking at the ground, at my tire, at the car next to me... everywhere but directly at me. He finally got the words, "Your tire looks a little low" out, I happen to glance down to see my tit saying hi and thanks for telling me! HA! It was like a reward for letting me know that I had a flat. Here, look at my boob.

Oddly enough, not really embarrassed by the old man seeing my breast but was hugely embarrassed that I had a flat and came out in public so unprepared and now other mommies now know how unprepared I can be. *sigh*

I only wish I had a picture of this to share.
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