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Bad blogger, bad! (aka: Everything that has been going on since my last post...)

Bad blogger, bad! (aka:  Everything that has been going on since my last post...)

I started this blog with the best of intentions and got overwhelmed in the overload of information (and blogs) out there in cyberspace. lol. 

Here is why I am way behind...

My goofy little boy survived his first few weeks in kindergarten and has not had one bad report!   No hitting, no kicking, no knocking other kids down... makes me wonder what the hell the preschool teachers were doing and why they had so many problems with him at their school.  His kindergarten teacher thinks he is just a regular 5 year old *phew*.

His preschool teacher insisted that there was something wrong with him (and tried her best to find it).  She also took advantage of our willingness to "believe the teacher" and had us convinced (all be it a short time) that there could be something wrong.  It was easy to do since some of the things she brought up I had wondered about as well.  To this day he has issues coordinating him self to ride a bike and following more then three steps in directions occasionally baffles him.  He is also quite cerebral and can spend long periods of time in his own little world.  Oh, to shove in her face all the proof that he is normal and she is a nut job... but alas I digress.  I am now dealing with him and his new girlfriend and his hurt feelings when she wants to play with other kids and when she made fun him for liking to wear dresses...  which he no longer does because he discovered that boys don't... eh, bound to happen sooner or later and much to the relief of the Husband.  To clarify: his idea of a dress is to wrap a blanket around his waist lol.

My Jamba Mama is 6 months and 3 weeks!  Which means that I have been nursing successfully for SIX months and THREE weeks!!!  YAY!  Not that this is an accomplishment per say...  I nursed my son longer then that but he refused to nurse right around eight months and there was nothing I could do to change his mind.  So... I pumped for another month and almost made it a formula free.  Ironically, he is way more interested in the concept now lol.  I also think my kids have seen my tits more then the Husband these last six months.  My secondary goal is to teach Goofy that boobs are not just for sex.  :)

I have been obsessed recently with breast feeding articles and studies on formula and baby food.  I decided to buy organic baby food or make my own, partly because of a certain big name baby food maker is really not what I thought them to be and also because it feels right.  I was mislead by their pretty website, helpful information and lured by their free samples and coupons.  Why I actually started looking at different options had to do with their "recommended" feeding schedule.  All though they do adhere to the six month guideline for starting solid foods, they seem to recommend giving a lot of food right from the start.  I was shocked and dismayed at their idea of what baby should eat especially a baby that is still nursing.  I am also hyper-sensitive to the obesity thing...  my family breeds big and all though I was a skinny kid, I filled out fast when I hit high school.  I really don't want to make the mistake of her picking up my bad habits. 
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I am also overwhelmed with the negativity that breastfeeding actually gets (still) and pissed that it has more to do with the big bad formula companies (and did you know they help fund an American Academy of Pediatrics initiative and function) just as much as with those who only see sex when they look at women's bodies. Never mind the crazy amount of scare tactic studies (one example) that are out there to discourage breastfeeding.  All this talk about Government staying out of big business when really it is the other way around.

Thankfully... there are many great blogs and websites out there to help navigate the uncertainties and to help read between the lines but it is really difficult to figure out the truth among all the information out in print, on line and on TV.  Add to all that the AAP's partnership? Ugh!  So, instead of second guessing (and sometimes guessing three and four more times), I have to just trust my instincts and hope for the best; trusting that I am doing right.  Same goes for all moms out there.  We really need to support each other more... even if our opinion and decisions differ.
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