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What I Learned Giving up (most) Social Media for Lent

someecards | I only logged into social media to brag about taking a break from social media

On a whim, I decided to give up Instagram for Lent along with Twitter and blogging. 

I also reduced my use of Facebook. That was harder only because I use it to communicate with a few groups I belong to. I also love seeing memories! So, I posted occasional photos just so I can see them years from now and reminisce.

For the record, this is my first time admitting that I was giving up social media for Lent.

While I missed Instagram, it was fairly easy to stay off without having to delete it from my phone. Twitter wasn't missed. And, blogging, while the hardest on my ego, probably the easiest. I've been so busy with work that when I get home, I'm out! Without making a conscious effort to write at night, I did probably spend more time with my kids when they weren't doing their own thing. The hubs and I make a lot of effort to hang out. Plus, he is a photographer. He gets my need to capture moments.

What did I learn after 50 days without most of my social media outlets?


I didn't have a profound revelation that social media is inherently bad and the reason for self-doubt and low self-esteem.

I didn't spend any more time with my kids.

I didn't read more.

And, I still haven't really cleaned my house. I mean, it's clean, but not as clean as I know it should be done. Except for every other week when someone comes to do it.

I didn't notice the absence from my life at all except for blogging. But, without social media, it's hard to promote a blog.

I still took photos with my phone. I felt the absence of an actual camera. Mine stopped working and I haven't been able to bite the bullet and buy another.

Life wasn't simpler.

Facebook's messenger replaced many of my online interactions. This feature is so useful! I plan group brunches and chat with other moms. The kids and I exchange photos of VW's when they aren't calling me to pick up a pizza. Technically, yes, social media, but does it count?

Bottom line - I don't suffer from FOMO. 

I don't need to chase likes and shares unless I'm getting paid. I have a healthy sense of self. I spend plenty of time with my kids. And, I truly enjoy seeing other people's joys and successes. Even the people I don't particularly care for in real life.

My only regret is the jobs I will miss because my numbers have tanked. So, if you love me, share that you don't need to give up social media to feel whole and follow me on all forms of social media. I will be your best friend!

Gave up social media for any length of time? Let's chat!

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