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And, Today, I Smell Like Coffee

Some Monday mornings start with a trip to the gym, a snuggle with the kids before they get up, and off to work with everything going smoothly. Lunches made, coffee drank, and everyone off to school on time.

Other Mondays start with at least a trip to the gym. And, home to a disappointed kid who thought there wasn't going to be time for cuddles so the tears started flowing. I was out of patience and we were out of bread. 

Thankfully, the Husband came to the rescue with coffee and bread. And, Rowan stopped crying. The rest of the morning was looking up. 

Until I got to work.

And, I spilled my coffee all down the front of me while getting out of my car. 

I still smell of coffee. 

I like coffee, a lot, so this isn't a bad thing per say.
And, Today, I Smell Like Coffee

As I walked the long walk from my car to my desk, I thought a lot about things I've been neglecting. Writing has been on the forefront for quite some time. And, just trying to keep my shit together, in general, would be a close second. 

Not sure why coffee all down my leg would prompt me to think of all the things that I have been failing at lately. Well, besides the obvious fault of coffee down my leg. 

I have a growing list of post ideas and a need to share on social media but there just isn't enough time in the day. 

Did I mention that I've gained all the weight back that I lost? Oh, yeah, in a year no less.

A month ago I joined a gym and have gone at least four days a week. Until last week and I went one day. I got my ass out of the house this morning. My goal is every day this week. One week at a time. 

Speaking of plans, I've also deleted all apps that have to do with counting calories, counting steps, and logging workouts. It was even working until I took a gym vacation.

I'm tired of tracking carbs, calories, workouts, and weight. I can barely keep track of the kids' schedules! Tracking takes too much time and energy. This will either be an epic fail or a huge success. But, at least I won't be berating myself over what I put in my mouth.

As the day draws to an end, the right thigh of my jeans has a vintage look to it thanks to black coffee. I got in a workout. My daughter agreed to practice visualization to try and calm herself before she melts down. And, I wrote my first blog post for the week.

All in all, it wasn't a bad day after all. 

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