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A2 Origin Milk + Liquid Nitrogen = Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

A2 Origin Milk + Liquid Nitrogen = Piccadilly Artisan Creamery
This conversation started with an invitation to discuss and try Piccadilly Artisan Creamery at an in-store event. Opinions are my own. 

If you follow me on social media you know two things - I'm losing weight and I love ice cream. What do those two things have in common?

Piccadilly Artisan Creamery


Well, almost nothing. Since I'm limiting my sweet treats, I want to spend my calories on good ice cream.

Humans of Cleveland at Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

Having never been to Piccadilly Artisan Creamery, I was intrigued by their invitation to learn about their unique process and the link with Origin Milk.

I was so curious, I made the family stop after Parade the Circle a few days before the scheduled tour. I could not resist the call of ice cream.

Crazy kids at Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

Walking in we were delighted by the friendly smiles, colors, and smells. The smells!

Piccadilly Artisan Creamery's ice cream, topping, and favorites board

It was intimidating looking at the big board of flavors and toppings so I went with The Shelby off the 'favorites' board. I forgot to ask if the names came from the creators. Anyway, The Shelby is Ghirardelli mocha ice cream with caramel drizzle and whipped cream.

Working hard at Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

The ice cream (and yogurt) is made before your eyes starting with fresh, liquid ingredients and blended together until it's time to add the liquid nitrogen.

I'm about to lay some science on ya' all. 

N is in Piccadilly Artisan Creamery
Nitrogen is seventh on the periodic table, right between carbon (C) and oxygen (O). It's essential for most life to exist especially since it makes up 78% of the air we breathe. When nitrogen is separated and chilled to 400 degrees it becomes liquid nitrogen.

Picadilly takes the liquid nitrogen and pours it in with the liquid flavors to freeze them. The ice cream forms so quickly that ice crystals can't and the result is a fresh, rich, creamy dessert.

Liquid nitrogen demo at Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

Science is fun, but how does it taste? 

Making ice cream at Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

My son l-o-v-e-s mint anything. Naturally, he got the fresh mint with chocolate. Now, he is growing chocolate mint (yes, that's a real plant) in our container garden so he knows what fresh mint tastes like in small doses. When I asked him how it tasted he replied, "It tastes like the mint came right out of the garden. I can taste the garden."

The night of the tour, I tried the vegan chocolate yogurt with chocolate chips and raspberries also known as The Molly. It was wonderful, Creamy chocolate with chocolate chips and raspberries in every bite.

Making my ice cream at Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

Smooth and creamy frozen yogurt Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

Vegan chocolate with chips and raspberries at Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

I also tried the strawberry balsamic. I would have licked the sample cup clean if everybody wasn't watching. It was rich but light. The strawberries were sweeter and brighter tasting than any other strawberry ice cream I've had before.

Friends enjoying Piccadilly Artisan Creamery

Micro-batch, liquid nitrogen froze ice cream using the highest quality milk and cream and fresh, organic ingredients. This is such a unique experience for Cleveland and Ohio. The milk and cream come from a Guernsey dairy farm in Amish country fifty miles south of Cleveland.

The owners of Picadilly wanted to ensure that they were using the best for their ice cream and yogurt so they started Origin Milk. 

Origin Milk's butter and A2 milk

Origin Milk is A2 Guernsey cow milk. 95% of the milk produced worldwide is A1 which is the result of genetic mutations, natural and man-made, in milk producing cows. A2 milk is how milk should be and has more natural protein and vitamins than any other breed. Origin's A2 milk has a higher healthy fat content and 3x the amount of omega-3. Along with goat's milk, A2 milk is the closest to mother's milk.

Origin Milk is A2 Guernsey cow milk

Besides, all the goodness that A2 milk has to offer, it is possible that those who have a problem drinking and digesting A1 milk would be able to drink A2. I was able to drink Origin's chocolate milk and not have to dash for the bathroom if-you-know-what-I-mean.

Origin Milk A2 Guernsey chocolate milk

It does cost a bit more for A2 milk, but no more than organic milk which is just A1 milk. The reason is that Guernsey cows don't produce as much milk as other breeds. Once you taste the milk and butter that these cows produce you won't be able to settle for the other kind.

Where to get it?

Origin Milk products

Piccadilly Artisan Creamery is located in University Circle, 11607 Euclid Ave and they also have a self-serve yogurt shop on Coventry in Cleveland Heights. Origin Milk can be purchased at these locations.

We are on an ice cream hunt!

Fun fact: Piccadilly is the inspiration to our ice cream hunt! There are so many places we haven't tried and we are going to try them all this summer. So far, Piccadilly is in my top five.

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