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Quotable A to Z: K is for Kind | #AtoZChallenge

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle. - Plato | ineedaplaydate.com | #atozchallenge

Everyone thinks that their problem, their situation is unique or special but truth be told - it's not. The only thing truly unique or special is that the problem is happening to them and not to someone else.

I tell my kids that they are special to me, but they are not special not to be unkind but to remind them that there are others far worse off than they are and goodness knows I need to be reminded of that as well from time to time.

Trying to teach kids that kindness is not a weakness is daunting in today's world.
have courage and be kind | ineedaplaydate.com | #atozchallenge
Have courage and be kind, my favorite line from a Disney movie. 

It is easy to mean and say unkind things, what takes courage is to rise above those who are wicked and be kind especially to those who will do you harm. It is not a weakness. 

I'm not trying to teach my kids to be victims but there is no reason to be cruel while standing up for themselves. There is especially no need to be mean when life gets hard.

Besides, ugly is not pretty on anyone.

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