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Keep the Family Car Smelling #FebrezeCar Fresh + Enter to Win $25 Walmart Card #sponsored

Keep the Family Car Smelling #FebrezeCar Fresh + Enter to Win $25 Walmart Card
This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks and Febreze. All opinions are my own.

I bought my car two years ago and it still smells like the old ladies who had it before me. At first I thought I was crazy, but when the kids and the Hubs smelled it too - I knew I wasn't.

One year, 11 months, and two weeks ago I bought Febreze and sprayed down the seats. The following day, I bought that little yellow air fresher and now I use Febreze car vent clips.

Febreze fresh car clip vent

Don't get me wrong, it's not just because of the old lady smell. Well maybe a little, but it's also because we sort of live out of our car. I'm in my car two hours out of the day driving to daycare, to work, back to daycare, and then home. And, that is on a good day with no stops for pizza or to run errands.

Weekends are family time and as a family - we don't stay home. We are all over Northeast Ohio. That is even more time in the car. After awhile the old lady smell was replaced with stale pizza and stinky feet. Not sure why, but it does.

One of the advantages of having a car that was once loving used by a couple of old ladies is that it runs like new. To keep it running that way, every thirty days I run down a list of several key items to insure that it does. Now, I don't look at the calendar to see when it is due but you could if you wanted too. I use my Febreze air vent clip as a guide. Once the liquid is almost gone, I start my checklist.

Monthly Car Check

A short and easy list for a sweet smelling, runs like new car for the next thirty days. I should probably add dusting and a car-wash to the list.

Febreze and Walmart

You can pick up a Febreze Vent Car Clip from Walmart to take freshness of home on the go at a great price plus when you buy a single clip at Walmart you get another free for a limited time. Twice the value and your car won't smell like little old ladies or your kids.

FebrezeCar Walmart Sweepstake

Thank you

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