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8 Things I'm Putting Off for a Few More Minutes

8 Things I'm Putting Off for a Few More Minutes

Life moves so fast and I want it to slow down! 

I know it's silly, I can't stop the world from spinning but, with the constant reminders that kids are getting older, family starts moving away, and finding a few more grey hairs, it's hard not to wish for a few more minutes.

What I can do is put off some things to do later and enjoy some time now.

8 Things I'm Putting Off for a Few More Minutes 

Who really needs a clean house?

It's not like the dishes will get dirtier, well maybe they will get dirtier but maybe I'll let them soak for some extra time.

Folding laundry

Washing is easy, it's the whole folding and putting it away that takes so much time away.

Writing this blog post

Yup, I admit it - I've been slacking on writing. This is one area I don't want to be idle but, it happens.

Working out

This one is embarrassing because there is no excuse. I should be able to wake up 30 minutes early and I haven't been.


Starting to run out of time here but, not yet. This weekend will be tax time, this weekend.

Updating my resume

I'm not looking for another job, which is obvious since I'm putting it off but it is something everyone should do every so often. It's good to look back and see where you have been and where you want to go but also to ditch the old or irrelevant.

Printing photos and scrapbooking

I know I should, it would be nice, but I haven't. And, I really need to do the little one's first year book, now that she is turning five...


There is only so much time between waking up and going to bed to get in extra time reading, sharing stories, cuddling, and being silly. Something's gotta give.

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What are you putting off?

Thank you

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