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5 Reasons to Break Up with Candy Crush

5 Reasons to Break Up with Candy Crush

It has been six weeks, three days, and several hours since the last time I played Candy Crush. 

That addictive, time killing, mind suck, has been a blessing and a curse. It distracted me when I needed alone time in a room full of people and calmed me as I waited in line at BMV. Plus, it's fun and challenging.

I knew it was time for me to give it up when my legs fell asleep while sitting on the toilet, long after I had finished, and I still could not move off the level I was playing.

If you are wondering if it is time for you to give up this sweet addiction - let me help!

5 Reasons to Break-up with Candy Crush

Examples are my real life experiences. 

1. Your two year old learned their colors from watching you play as well as a few choice swear words.

2. You fell asleep while playing and woke up with an imprint of your phone on your face.

3. You are level XXX and have been for several months.

4. You are embarrassed to admit that you play the game but especially when the neighbor kid says, "you play that, too!"

5. You remembered that you are over the age of twelve.

Of course, you can now find me playing Words with Friends again as well as Trivia Crack.

Thank you

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