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No Secrets, Mary Lambert's #HeartOnMySleeve Rocks #O2O #sponsored

No Secrets, Mary Lambert's #HeartOnMySleeve Rocks #O2O #sponsored

I received a copy of this album to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own.

An album comes along every once in a while that really can bring a light in the dark and Heart On My Sleeve really brings the light.

Although I had heard the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ marriage equality song Same Love, I did not realize that the woman singing was Mary Lambert until I previewed her new album (due out October 14, 2014) and now I am in love.

let me be one, one hand, finding one hand... #HeartOnMySleeve
Her voice is bright, clear, and wonderful - she stands out for all the right reasons. Ms. Lambert sings of love and lost but always hopeful. I am addicted to her catchy tunes and I don't feel silly singing along to a song that is fun to sing but goes against what I believe. *cough rude

As a product of the 80's you can imagine my surprise to hear her remake of Jessie's Girl in a heartbreaking melody. Springfield's song took on a whole new meaning to me. It is no longer about a dick who want's his best friend's girl but about unrequited love.  

Sing to Me brought me to tears and When You Sleep reminded me of every time I feel in love and how quickly I was made to see it was not real. I am pretty sure every song on this album could be a favorite, but my absolute favorite is Heart on My Sleeve, the title track to the album. Her words, her poetry are just wonderful.  I really think I love her. 

Researching Ms. Lambert I came across a backstage interview she did for the Queen Latifah and I feel like I connected with her on a whole other level. She seems honest, bright and beautiful.  Her energy is addictive and she is just one of those stars you pray is really like that in person. I hope her Secrets won't be some horrible dark, mean side.  We need more women like her and I can't wait to share this album with my daughter.

Pre-order Heart on My Sleeve on : iTunes or Amazon. You will not be disappointed.

Let me be your compass...  #HeartonMySleeve

Now, if she would just come to Cleveland, and request to meet me...

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