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Instagram, Again Saturday Take 4

Instagram, Again Saturdays | Reliving Old Instagrams, One Saturday at a Time

A friend of our family is a general manager for a Starbucks and the Husband took us to the soft opening of his new store.

He took some really wonderful photos of the new store even with a sleepy little one on his lap.  Yes, she is really sleeping in that photo.

So, here is an instagram from one year ago...

As much as I once wanted to be a photographer and enjoy pretending to be one - he really is one.

I use many of his photos in my blog because my camera joined our growing collection of antique, old, and broken (but cool looking) cameras and I just can't bring myself to put out the cash for my own camera. This, of course, does not stop me from taking some great shots with my phone.

Instagram from the past month...

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