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Ban Bossy or Be Bossy? #EmbraceBossy

My little girl is stubborn, headstrong, determined, and bossy.  These are all qualities I will one day celebrate in her but right now, they are exhausting.

She likes to be bossy.  She even told me that when she grows up she wants to be bossy - like me. She does not see bossy as bad and I won't change that, ever.

Ban Bossy is this amazing campaign to empower girls.  I love the website.  I love the ideas.  I hate the name.

I started to write about how absurd it is to ban a word when I went to check some facts and came across an article that summed up what I was thinking so much better than I ever would be able to do.

Her thoughts echoed mine!  Almost exactly.  I think that banning words is about as effective as prohibition and she wrote that!  We are like sisters.  Banning anything gives it power and give a word that much power can only hurt the cause, not help.

Besides, what's wrong with being bossy if she uses it for good?  Be powerful. Be brave. Be smart. Be bossy.

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