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5 Facts About @MonstersHockey That Will Impress Your Mom #sponsored

5 Facts About @MonstersHockey That Will Impress Your Mom #sponsored
The family attended a Monsters game as their guests to facilitate this post. I have not been paid for my opinions.

This past Saturday the family and I (plus other area bloggers) were invited to attend a Monsters Hockey game as their guests.

The kids have never been to a game and I have not been for y-e-a-r-s so I was not sure what to expect.  I was secretly hoping that one of the kids would be so inspired that they would beg me for skates. They did not but what I found was a fantastic and affordable night out that the whole family can enjoy.

On our way to meeting our hosts the kids got their hair spray painted and there were make your own sign booths as well as opportunities to hit hockey pucks. We also came across booths for their charity works and fundraising campaigns. There was a lot to see even before we made it to our seats.

I would also like to add that everyone that we encountered was absolutely wonderful from the ticket takers to the security guards to the people showing us around.

When we first arrived we started to use the bridge from the parking garage to the arena but we were meeting my brother and it just looked easier to walk around to the main, Time Warner, entrance.  As it turns out it was way less crowded and so easy to get in with the FlashSeat tickets but when we were leaving, I started to go over the wrong bridge and would you believe a security guard remembered us and pointed us to the right bridge to get to our car!  I was so impressed.  And, let's face it, thankful that I was not dragging three kids all the way round the stadium.

I dare say, even my mom would be impressed with what a great experience we had at the game and it is because of that I present:

5 Facts About @MonstersHockey That Will Impress Your Mom #sponsored

1. Monsters Family Value Pack

I could start with what an exciting game it was and with talented players but I feel like that is a given. What would impress mom more is that you can get four lower level tickets, $20 in food & beverage or merchandise credit for the game, and a digital photo at the Monsters Community Zone to capture family night! A $116 value starting for only $59!

2. Season Long Promotional Nights

From cheap beer nights to dollar dog nights - there is something for everyone. Speaking of everyone, the night we went, everyone got a bank to take home. I listed all of the promotional nights in my calendar (or you can check out their website).

Charity | 5 Facts About @MonstersHockey That Will Impress Your Mom #sponsored
That total was well over $4000 by the end of the game.

3. Monsters in the Community

The Monsters are in the community to help make Northeast Ohio a better place to live.  Besides the fund they have to give to worthy causes they raise money on game nights with a 50/50, the raffle off team shirts, work with the city of Cleveland to help develop the hockey program at Halloran Park outdoor ice rink and so much more.

Kids having fun | 5 Facts About @MonstersHockey That Will Impress Your Mom #sponsored

4. Kids Club

They have a Kids Club.  Kids 12 & under are invited to join the Monsters Kids Club, presented by Huntington Bank. For just $15, kids will receive tons of exclusive Kids Club benefits, including:
  • T-Shirt
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Lunchbox
  • Bookmark
  • 10% Discount at the Team Shop
  • 1 ticket to (2) select Kids Club games
  • Opportunities such as post game shots on goal and kids events!

5. The Monsters are Great Entertainment

The kids had fun, I had fun, and even my grumpy brother had a good time.  How can you go wrong with so many people having a good time.  Even the fights were fun to watch, from a far.

And how could you not love that Cleveland named a sports team from Lake Erie's own Loch Ness monster - Bessie with a seagull as a mascot who wants to hunt it down!  Brilliant!

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