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Drawing a Dinosaur

The last time I felt guilty. The last time I felt guilty? I don’t remember a time when I didn't feel guilty about something.

I feel guilty writing this now.

The kids have been trapped in our home because of the weather and I’ve had my face buried in a screen. I have read two books on my kindle, played candy crush saga and worked on my laptop while catching up on Downton Abbey.

I can’t wait to go back to work and I feel guilty about that.

I finished the laundry, as long as you don’t count the last load in the drier that I probably won’t get until Saturday. I attempted to clean the kitchen but gave up. I am now writing this instead of playing with my children. I feel loads of guilt.

I felt guilty today drawing a dinosaur because I once had aspirations of being an artist. I use to sketch and draw all of the time and slowly, I set it aside for a camera and eventually for nothing at all. It felt good to doodle today but that is all it was and I have no illusions of becoming a younger Mary Delany.

I feel guilty that I did not practice more, and I let what talent I had slip through my fingers. It is however why I started to write. I wanted to be creative. I needed to be creative so I started writing. I am improving with each post and with each post I hope to feel less guilty about not drawing dinosaurs.

I'm still no writer.

Now, If only I could stop feeling guilty about not wanting to be cooped up in a house with two kids who have not seen outside this house in five days and then I will be on to something.

But, it’s just too damn cold for that right now.

The Prompt:3.)  The last thing you felt guilty about.
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