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Yes Baby, That is a Vagina...

 “Yes Baby, that is called a vagina and you wipe from front to back.” To which she promptly wiped her butt.

Why is potty training so h-a-r-d?

It seems I have forgotten how hard it was to potty train her older brother. I also seem to have forgotten how we actually accomplished training him to use the potty. I do remember how horrible it was for the whole pooping on the potty bit because he is chronically constipated but the other part, the part where he used the toilet to pee is the part I wish I could remember and how we did it.

Not that remembering would make any difference because what works for him will most certainly not work for baby girl.

Admittedly, I actually thought that baby girl using the toilet would come easy to her, like walking and talking. She showed all the signs of wanting to learn and then – nothing. This process has repeated itself several times over the last two years. Just when I think this is the moment she will never wear diapers again she laughs at me and says, “oh, mommy.”

I know that she will not be going to kindergarten in diapers so I am really not that stressed.  She will use the potty in her own time.  I'm just tired of changing diapers.

I really should be glad that she is finally weaning herself and sleeping in her bed – most nights. It is only logical that this is the next step in her becoming a big girl. Right? Am I asking for too much?  Maybe I am pressuring her to much?  Eh, whatever, she wants to do this.  Right?

I have come to hate the term “potty training.” 

I have tried rewards, from stickers to M&Ms and even a toy chest. Go potty – get a toy. She has not gotten a toy, yet.

My sister gave her the cutest panties for her birthday which she promptly put on and went through the whole package in one afternoon, never making it to the bathroom.

I took her shopping for panties and let her pick out whatever ones she wanted. And the same scenario as my sister’s panties played out.

I have even bribed her with dance lessons. She wants to take ballet and she can’t until she can use the potty all of the time. I am also using those really cute bathing suits she loves as incentive. Bikinis look really silly with a diaper.  Did I mention the books, DVDs and dolls?

Oh, how I wish they were just born with the ability to use the toilet.

I guess if you buy into the whole infant potty training process they are born with the ability and we train them to use the diaper. Adopting this thinking now would mean I would need a time machine to travel back in time and would probably have to go on leave from job because I am not sure my sitter would be up for the task.

For now, we are trying those pull up diapers and those padded training underwear. She has yet to tell me when she has to use the toilet. I could try taking her every 30 minutes but that would mean I would have to remember and I suppose those cute potty watches would work well in this instance but do I really want to flush any more money down the toilet?

I also suppose learning her cues would be helpful but honestly the only clue she seems to have is for when she is pooping and if I am not paying attention I miss that she is hiding, because she is hiding.

Oh, the woes of having a toddler on the brink of preschoolhood. 

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