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What's on Your List...?

As I was browsing some of my favorite blogs I stumbled upon this fun post from Nap Time is My Time - What’s on your list.

I love doing these lists and I love reading others so if you happen to do it, please share and if you want to do it in the comments - have at it!

Whats on your....

VANITY –  I don't have a vanity, unless you count the bathroom vanity...  Any way, I have a mug with Klimt's The Kiss on it that holds our toothbrushes and a jar that I keep my make up in.  It is a large decorative thing with a screw on lid to keep my daughter out of it.  She really likes makeup.


REFRIGERATOR SHELVES – Two great big heads of lettuce and the Husband's famous (left over) spaghetti.  I really need to shop today.

ITINERARY –  We are planning a trip to Disney next year and maybe Atlanta for Thanksgiving but nothing set in stone.

FANTASY ITINERARY – BlogHer at the end of summer but more importantly the Doctor Who convention in Texas in November.  Besides that, the usual...  Ireland, Jamaica...

PLAYLIST –  The Script, Maroon 5, Boyce Avenue, Stevie Nicks and anything from the 90's

NIGHTSTAND – Lamp and phone chargers

WORKOUT PLAN – I plan to workout... soon

iPHONE – I actually have an android but...  Instagram, Foursquare, Words with Friends, Drawsomething and Shazam

TOP 5 LIST –  God, family, work, me and everything else

BUCKET LIST –  To lose 100 pounds and wear a bikini

MIND –  My son's first communion is in a few weeks and money

BLOGROLL – I have a great list to the right...

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE - are covered in photographs (the color is grocery bag brown)

LIQUOR SHELF - pinot noir, Bailey's, Jamison's and  some off brand rum

LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT – Hmm...  Dinner at Strip for our anniversary

SCREENSAVER – I don't have one.

TV EVERY NIGHT –Doctor Who, local news, what ever I am trying to catch up on the DVR and Sponge Bob

What's on your list...?

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