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Because Prompts Are Fun - Dirty, Dirty, Guilty Homemaker #promptsrfun

I admit that I am a craptastic mom and I don’t even really feel all that guilty about it but what I do feel guilty about is that I am a horrible, terrible, crappy homemaker.   I wish we could afford a housekeeper.  I really, really do.

It’s not that we live in a pig pen, our house is relatively clean and mold free but the dishes tend to pile up around the kitchen and I have been known to scrape a mound (or two) of dried up tooth paste off the mirror after several days of looking at it.

I wish I was one of those people who loved to clean.  Hell, I’d settle for like but I would rather be playing with the kids or watching TV. I would even rather go for a run or workout than dust or scrub. And, don’t even think I am going to wash windows – that’s just crazy talk.

Floors get mopped, area rugs vacuumed and the bathroom is always kept clean but when you come to our home you know we live here because the stuff we love is very close at hand.

Mail is piled on the dining room table next to lunch boxes, coloring books and a random sock. There are toys strewn throughout and I really wouldn’t walk barefoot unless you are skilled at Lego dodging. Oh and that smell from the corner may be that sippy cup that rolled under couch and I have not been able to find it till now.

Baby’s room looks more like a storage room with all her old clothes spilling out of boxes that are not quite big enough to contain the clothes she has grown out of. I keep meaning to donate them; it is on the list to-do.

My son’s room actually is not bad but I have not looked at the playroom for a few months. I can only imagine the horror that awaits us in the attic but it is a safe bet that there is no food up there waiting to be disposed of like medical waste.  I hope.

I think the least cluttered room in the house is our master bedroom and that is because it is only big enough for our bed and the TV stand. We have a room off the bedroom for our dressers and well that is hit or miss, good thing I can close that door.

I work full time, volunteer and I have insomnia. Besides that, I love my kids and want to hang out with them, not clean. Sure these may sound like excuses to you because they are and because I am a really bad house keeper. That does not mean I am not a fantastic homemaker.

So, yes, I feel guilty especially when I am cleaning and the kids ask, “Who’s coming over?”

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