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Giant Eagle Has Smartphones?!!?

 Giant Eagle Has Smartphones?!!?

Would you believe I don’t own a smartphone?!!? Yep, I don’t. I am actually a little embarrassed to admit this especially after the last blogger event I attended and I was the only one there who was not tweeting, instagraming or making a video with my phone.

Old phone
My phone makes phone calls and text messages. Sure, it takes pictures and I have used them in a pinch when I have forgotten my camera but it is not a smart phone. My phone is so low tech a friend of mine asked me if it was a Jitterbug phone in a meeting. All I can say is – no and than had to explain to the youngsters in our meeting what a Jittergbug is so they could laugh too. So when the fine folks at Giant Eagle asked if I wanted to try out their phone and wireless service for 30 days I said – heck yeah!

Actually, I said maybe because, I like my wireless phone provider and wondered if the phone would work with them after I was done with the review. In short, it won’t but I took them up on their offer because maybe after the 30 days I will have found a new wireless provider that I like and I get a free phone out of it. Oh, and I get to giveaway a Net 10 Huawei Ascend II lucky reader! More on that later.

My 30 Days with Net 10 and Giant Eagle started yesterday when I activated my Net 10 Android Optimus Net. It was an easy process and took no time at all to do it all online. I entered the activation code for the phone and than the code for the unlimited talk, text and web card and I had phone service! Easy peasy.

I am not unfamiliar with pay as you go wireless. I prefer it! In fact, I buy my top off cards at Giant Eagle because I get fuel perks. I have been with my current carrier for seven years and as long as I don’t have to call them for anything they are great! Customer service over the phone – sucks! Their customer service via twitter and email and their rates is why I stay with them. All in all I am happy with my pay as you go provider and their rates but this opportunity to explore another provider is pretty cool.

So far, I am digging this phone and all it can do!

One of the main reasons I never upgraded to a smartphone was because I had an iPod touch. I LOVE(D) it and than I LOST it. It has been 54 days since I last saw my iPod and I fear it will never turn up. Baby put it somewhere. I have no idea where. I refuse to buy a new one because it was my fault and I just can’t justify that expense. Now that I have this handy dandy Net 10 Android Optimus, I don’t miss it as much. I am now back on instagram, playing Draw Something and tweeting all with ease from my bed, the lobby of my work or the restaurant I ate at yesterday. Yep, I am that annoying person that posted the picture of Baby and me home sick today.

Once I determined I can only use the phone with Net 10, I explored the service plans that are offered with my new phone. I was excited to see that there is a $35 dollar plan that had 750 minutes and unlimited data. That is better than my current plan that only has 300 minutes and unlimited data! Not that it matters, last month I only used 80 minutes of talk time so I am really just looking at the data plans and for a fleeting instant I thought I may have found a new provider. Than I took a closer look at the box and saw that the phone only works with the $50 plan. My current provider offers three levels of service and I can use any one of them on any of their phones. I am facing a big dilemma. Will the next 30 days convert me to Net 10 forever?

Giant Eagle Has Smartphones from Net 10

Fine Print
I received the phone and service plan as described to facilitate this review but was not compensated in any other form for this post. The opinions are 100% my own.
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