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Two Year Old Going on Teenager

She is two and constantly tells me No! and I do it.

All though I celebrate her independence and confidence, it can be so draining.  I don't miss her being latched to my boob 24/7 (we are down to night time and mornings) but if this is a glimpse at what she is like as a teenager, well, we are in for some rough waters.

I won't even go so far to say this is the terrible two's.  I think this is just her, strong willed and determined to do it herself and her way.  She insisted that she was going to swing, on the big kids swing, like her brother, by herself and she did just that.

When I pushed her she screamed and cried because I helped her and she did not ask for help.  If she asked me to push then we are okay, otherwise, hands off!

It is not just the swing but other areas.  Like, when watching Dora and at the end when they accomplished the tasks to get to the end and Dora sings, "We did it!" Baby sings along, too, but she sings "I did it!!!"

I don't look forward to the teenage years.

What do you do with a strong willed, independent child?

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