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Fact or Fiction: #SamanthaBrickFacts for the #AtoZChallenge

As I was going through the ‘F’ section of the dictionary in the hopes inspiration would leap from the page for today’s A to Z Challenge post I was distracted by the headline:

'There are downsides to looking this pretty': Why women hate me for being beautiful

Now if that isn't a headline I really don’t know what would be a good headline for a woman whose life is harder because she is beautiful. This poor, poor woman is just entirely too pretty and is a constant mark for those who are unhappy because they are ugly. Can you even imagine the trials that she must go through such as accepting free champagne everywhere and the obvious hatred that she must endure from horrible looking women? The fact that other women shun her based on her looks alone is just heartbreaking.

I was just beside myself with outrage after reading how tragic her life is because of her amazing beauty. I can really understand the unfair burden placed upon the beautiful people. She must be absolutely green with envy of the common folk who have to pay their bills and live in a world where they must work for what they have (or don't have).

I want to believe that this is a hoax. I want to believe that there is no way that a normal human being would put this out into the world wide web and expect sympathy for her situation… of being too beautiful. This has got to be a prank and I am waiting for the interview where she exclaims, “Gotcha!”

So what are your thoughts?  Is Samantha Brick's article on her own beauty - Fact or Fiction?

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