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The Rental Car

As soon as she got to her desk, she saw it.

A small, white box with a ribbon tied around it. She did not have to guess who it was from but she had no idea why it was there.

Cautiously, she picked up the box. “Too small for a bomb,” she though, giggling at her own joke.

Pulling at the ribbon she wondered what she was doing. Opening the lid, her heart did a small flip. It was a key for a rental car. A slight sigh escaped her lips, thankful it was not jewelery she would have to explain.

There was a note.

Call off tomorrow.

She figured he was letting her decide if and where they would go. She forced a cough, “Maybe, I don’t feel well.”

Leaving work, she spotted the rental car parked next to her old reliable. The company’s logo was proudly displayed on the bumper. Taking out the key, she pushed a button. Sure enough, the red convertible blinked its headlights at her.

“I guess I’m sick.”

Excitedly she drove to work the next morning. She had already called off and anticipated beating him to the car, but she did not anticipate how thrilling it would feel.

Parking her car next to the rental, she smoothly slipped behind the wheel. The smell of leather was intoxicating. “This is what impulse feels like.” She pushed the button and it started. The radio started as well, "Rumor has it, Rumor has it."

“Ugh,” she thought.

She imagined the open road, driving with him, laughing and singing with him. The radio sang, "Bless your soul, you got your head in the clouds."

She sent a text when she got to work, avoiding the looks of her co-workers who thought she was suppose to be sick.


Write On Edge: Red-Writing-HoodThis week we asked you to take us on a road trip. So much can happen within the confines of a car, from fraught confessions to detours for ice cream, so we’re looking forward to seeing where you take us.

Remember, your characters can drive as many miles as they want, but they should do it in less than 300 words.

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